September 2022 Special Offer

Price: US$30 / hour (even after September!)

10+ currencies accepted

Full refund if unsatisfied in the first 3 hours


The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is a rigorous and fast-growing enriched high school program taught worldwide. Unlike other standardized curriculums, IB courses also include Internal Assessments. As such, IB subjects are best taught by specialized IB instructors. We tutor the following courses:

If you do not require IB tutoring, we also offer AP, SAT, and ACT tutoring at competitive prices.



Interactive whiteboards and activities ignite students' curiosity and engagement.


Study skills are prioritized, so students achieve more with fewer tutoring hours.


Homework is customized to reinforce learning. Students can ask quick questions outside of meetings.


Your instructor has at the minimum a bachelor of science degree from a leading research university, as well as top marks in the above IB courses or their previous versions.


Pay as you go. Payment is accepted over PayPal and Wise. Payment details will be shared after you are satisfied with our service. With over 10 currencies accepted, payment is effortless and in your control.


Please reach out and we will follow up shortly to discuss the details. First names are fine. A single tutor will contact you by phone, WhatsApp, or email. We do not spam our clients.

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